Comparison sites claim to work out for you the best providers. Customers using such sites are therefore expecting to find well-researched and objective information about providers. The majority of these portals however are misleading. Many comparison websites lack of in-depth researched, objective and updated data. They use other websites results regardless of their plausibility and timeliness.

EuresChannel in contrast provides genuine and transparent information instead of fake data. Our comprehensive market overview will show you the most valuable offers.

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EuresChannel – what are we testing?

Currently we are auditing the following providers:

We are using general and special criteria upon testing. The former apply to all broker likewise. The latter refer to the specifics of the respective segments.

We are auditing all providers regarding overall features like:

Conducting reviews in Crypto Trading

Due to the bitcoin`s outstanding performance since 2012 cryptotrading  especially bitcoin trading is becoming more and more popular. After the pioneer bitcoin about 1000 cryptocurrencies were springing up like mushrooms –whilst  Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and Ripple becoming rather well known. In the aftermath of this development many brokers expanded their offerings with cryptotrading.

Hence you need a professional broker, for trading digital currencies contains two pitfalls:

Before trading with Ethereum, Dash or Ripple you have to buy bitcoins and change them into the desired digital currency. Thus you have to deal with two exchange rates:

It is possible to purchase Bitcoins with special online exchanges like BitStamp or BitPoint or at special  marketplaces. Otherwise you can buy bitcoins from private people possessing them. Brokers offering cryptotrading ask you to change  your capital into Bitcoins.

Regardless where you buy your bitcoins you should be aware of two issues:

On these grounds we are checking additionally

Auditing Binary Options Brokers

Binary options – existing since 2008  – are very popular because of their low entry requirements. Simply structured they offer an easy way to trade price fluctuations in multiple global markets. The minimum trade amount sometimes ranges from 1 USD to 25 USD. That`s why so many brokers appeared on the market.  Reason enough to sort out the sheep from the goats.

Therefore we are checking additionally:

Currently we are auditing the following providers:

Reviewing Copy Trading Brokers

Copy trading opens for beginner and more seasoned traders the possibility to copy trades opened and managed by a selected expert trader. Those trades are generally offered within the framework of social trading provided by specific brokers

After depositing you select the expert you want to copy and the volume you want to invest and the expert`s trades will be copied automatically. You can also disconnect the expert trader at any time and manage your trades yourself.

But there are also some sticking points to be aware of. Traders acting as experts can create an additional income source with some brokers. But those traders don`t have to proof their expertise like a fund  or a portfolio manager. So everybody can pretend to be an expert an show his trades to others. The follower however is not able to assess his expertise. He is running the risk of losing money, should the expert`s trade end in a loss.

Therefore we are checking additionally:

Online casinos under scrutiny

Online playing baccarat, roulette or blackjack in your home`s comfort zone? No problem at all. Meanwhile online casinos are ten a penny with even more emerging nearly on a daily basis. To a greater extent it is crucial picking the right ones. For the casino`s offerings referring to games portfolio and bonuses are extremely different. In addition you can`t always assess at first sight, whether the respective casino offers legal gambling.

Finally you should relax and have fun upon gambling. Thus it is important for us, that the casino`s website is providing some sort of a casino feeling.

This is the reason why we are auditing following criteria:

Verifying the betting providers

For many people betting offers the ultimate thrill of the day. Therefrom newcomers are appearing constantly – almost every week. The betting market is changing permanently.

The crux of the matter however is the betting margins. They represent the price the bookmaker is charging you for the bets you are placing. Bookies are trying to make profits by calculating odds in such a way that profits are made regardless of the outcome. Thus they are offering odds higher than the actual statistical probability of the given event. This difference between the calculated odds and the statistical probability represents the bookmaker`s margin.

We are scanning especially these features:

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